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Minerals & Farm Packs
Dairy Consultancy Services provide a comprehensive range of minerals and farm packs which clients can choose from. Alternatively we can provide a custom mineral formulated to match our clients forages and on bought in feeds. A full forage mineral analysis and complete diet mineral check service is available.

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DCS Minerals and Farm Packs
Dairy Consultancy Services can supply a range of minerals from manufacturers including Cargill Animal Nutrition, & Trouw Nutrition GB amongst others which ensures we keep prices competitive & at the best price for our clients using our group purchasing power.

The savings to be made are significant as minerals represent one of the highest margin products for many feed suppliers when sold at regular retail prices.
Technically formulated in line with current research, the standard mineral ranges have a product to satisfy every requirement, although the majority of our customers choose to have a custom mineral formulated to balance on farm feeds. 

Alternatively if you provide us with a picture of your current mineral label we can provide you with a competitive quote for a like for like product.

In addition to minerals we can formulate farm packs to reduce the number of bagged products on farm saving time, waste and money.

Along with the base mineral we can add yeasts, mycotoxin binders, feed grade urea, limestone flour etc

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